PD training

  Choose a topic from the course to conduct a 45 minute to an hour training for your institution. Think about where the institution is in their character journey and what topic would take the institution to the next level with training.  Include a detailed agenda, slides, handouts, any documents, evaluations, etc… that will be … Read more

Journal Entry

   You have been asked to make a short speech to the executive team on how this course could help shape training and development program for leadership and career planning. Be sure to consider major training-related theories. Reflect on the course and thoroughly explain your rationale. 

EDU 535 – Organizational Training and Development

Job Enrichment: Knowledge and skill development within the scope of the employee’s normal job Mentoring: A formal or informal program in partnership with a senior employee for long-term career growth Coaching: A formal or informal program with a direct supervisor or external coach for performance improvement or resolution of work issues Job Transitions: Job Design: … Read more

Outcomes Planning Wheel

 In the week’s lecture, “How Do You D1?”, you were presented with a case study involving training for a group of application analysts. For this assignment, respond to each of the questions presented in that lecture. You do not need to submit a completed outcomes planning wheel for this assignment, but should use it in … Read more

Training strategy

Design a training session presentation (8-12 slides) for one of the role groups in the organization that will be responsible for implementation. Introduction Training and educating those within an organization who are responsible for implementing and working with changes in organizational policy is a critical step in ensuring that prescribed changes have their intended benefit. … Read more

Training Program Design A

Select a training topic, and develop a training needs analysis and learning objectives as part of your initial training and development program design. Introduction For this assessment, you will create the initial design of your training and development program for an organization of your choice, including the selection of a training topic, developing a working … Read more