Childhood Obesity Program

 Now, Worksheet 4 Learning Strategies and Instructional Materials will provide an occasion to Identify instructional strategies and materials needed using Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction. Completing the Case study/ Role Play Development and Assessment assignment will allow you to delve into the process of developing instructional materials. The results of these two assignments and/or what … Read more

Wellness Program for an Elder

   1. Student will interview a selected elder from the community (signed consent form required) 2. Select 2 assessment tools covered in class (e.g. Occupational History Interview, Quality of Life Assessment, Interest Checklist) to use during the interview process and summarize the results of the assessments. 3. Complete a pie graph, line graph or bar … Read more

Securing Funding

 While your new program may be able to do some good with donations and volunteers, most new programs need start-up funds. In this discussion, present two options for securing funding for your program, their requirements for application, and the utility of the cost-benefit analysis in this process. 

Garnering Support

  As you are planning your new program, you need to identify key stakeholders to enlist support to validate your cause or professional abilities to launch this program. In this discussion, identify multiple stakeholder groups. State how their support validates your program and describe your strategy for gaining their support. Discuss which local government agency … Read more

Program Capstone Unit 5

Assignment Details  By now, you have completed the following sections of your project (i.e., a scholarly business plan): Title Page Executive Summary Company Summary Financial Statements and Projections Market Analysis Market Strategy Operations Management and Implementation Plan Evaluation Plan To this, you will add segment H: Recommendations and Additional Competencies. Using course work and making … Read more

Program Capstone Unit 4a

Assignment Details The operations and implementation departments would like you to go over the following sections of the business plan: Operations Management and Implementation Plan Evaluation Plan Based on your research, write a succinct analysis of each of the following items: Operations Management and Implementation Plan Outline Goals and Objectives Assign Responsibilities Implementation Schedule Resource … Read more

Project Cost Unit 2

Assignment Details A project’s critical path will determine the length of the project and which activities must be completed on time and which activities need to be removed. Unless the critical path is known, accurate decisions to control the project cannot be made. Write a 5-page plan using the template that is attached provided, and complete … Read more


  Write a program to create a class called ShapeObject and this class contains the below, 1) String data field to called “Color” 2) Default constructor (no-arg) to create an object with “RED” color by default 3) An argument constructor to create the object with specified color.  4) A method names toString() that returns the … Read more