Week 3 Discussions (2)

   Week 3 Discussion (MGT5430 Organizational Management) Why should      organizations be concerned about stress at work? What are the costs of      distress to organizations? Compare one-way      communication and two-way communication. Describe at      least five tasks and five maintenance functions that effective work teams      must perform. Week 3 Discussion (MKT6920 Marketing Management) Discuss how a company … Read more

Week 3 Discussion Question

Q. Based on your professional background, describe any experience you have had in strategic planning. Which industry were/are you working in? Which processes were used to plan and execute the strategic plan? What were the results?  Note: 250 words with intext citations and 2 references needed. Professional Background: Software Industry ( AWS Developer)

Week 3 Assignment

Subject:  Leading Strategic Change with Technology Companies often have many sources of disparate data and the systems used do not directly link or share data. Therefore, data must be collected and stored in repositories.  Chapter 8 explains that a data lake contains unorganized or unstructured data, whereas a data warehouse contains structured data which has … Read more

Week 3 DQ

Q.  Today’s businesses rely heavily on data in decision making. Data is collected and stored in the different applications used such as a CRM, ERP, SCM, etc. Data can then be compiled and presented in a dashboard format to better visualize company performance.  Research different data visualization systems such as Domo, Tableau, and Microsoft Power … Read more

Please follow instructions due 06/19/2022 at 10 pm original a must

   To Prepare Your Instructor will assign a specific disorder for you to research for this Assignment. Use the Walden library to research evidence-based treatments for your assigned disorder in children and adolescents. You will need to recommend one FDA-approved drug, one off-label drug, and one nonpharmacological intervention for treating this disorder in children and … Read more

Week 3 Discusion 3

  SEC is quite active in pursuing administrative proceedings against wrongful doings. Please go to Administrative Proceedings (sec.gov) (Links to an external site.) and click on an administrative proceeding. Please pick one and summarize it for us! Also, please comment on the proceeding. 

Week 3 Discusion 1

 AICPA has in place Professional Code of Conduct to guide and regulate the ethical behavior of its members, still the occurrence of accounting scandals continues. Do you think the profession should do something more than the formulation of a robust code of conduct. 

FOR PROF TOPGRADE ONLY Discussion Question Topic 2 – Week 3

For this discussion, please engage at least two of your classmates in a discussion about the importance of the criteria you select when evaluating a public or nonprofit organization.  How does the criteria you select influence the view one develops about public organizations?  Read the following two articles but add others that you find that … Read more